The Way We Speak To Children Becomes Their Inner Voice

by Krista Perdue
2 minutes
The Way We Speak To Children Becomes Their Inner Voice

Writing Wonderful Funderful You, I wanted to pass along a message to children that they are wonderful, just the way they are.  I feel in this day and age, it is not said enough that every being is wonderful exactly the way that they were are made.   To focus on kindness, gratitude and positive energy... and most importantly that it's okay to feel sad, angry or hurt.  To take a minute and allow yourself to experience those feelings, but to then turn your focus on all that you have to be thankful for and watch how quickly you can uplift your mood.

In a world where there seems to be more stress than ever before, it is easy to forget how important it is to speak positively, and kindly to children.  Children have very little ability to defend themselves, and ultimately the words that are spoken to them, become their own inner voice.  Just because they are not fully matured doesn't mean that they aren't dealing with their own issues themselves.  They act out and are reprimanded, they are different and they are bullied.  A teacher may be in a bad mood and speak poorly, a parent may have had a bad day, and use their child to deal with their own aggressions.  But every encounter a child has in their early days attributes to their own self worth.   Being mindful of the choice of words that we use with these little people, could help shape them into becoming the best little versions of themselves.  

Life is hard enough to not be set with the proper skills that help most in executing the best version of you.  A lack of self worth becomes an onset of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, fear of growth....  Why not all spread the message of Wonderful Funderful You and watch these little children grow into the highest potential they can be of themselves?

As always thank you for your support and feedback!

Krista Perdue