The Moment I Knew I Was On The Right Path

by Krista Perdue
3 minutes
The Moment I Knew I Was On The Right Path

I have been so blessed by my Indigo family, with all their love and support.  They have embraced my words and me (even when I drive them a little nuts), and it is rare for someone to have their words on shelves in a matter of months, not publishing the traditional way.   The staff pics, and recommended displays... I cannot say how thankful I am to them.  It all feels so surreal.

One of the ways of their endless continual support, is inviting me into their stores to sign copies of my books.  The other week I was in the St Catharines, Pen Centre location, when I had a moment shared that made this whole book venture worth while. If I didn't have another sale, or another signing, or book on the shelf, I would still be so proud of the message this book offers.   I would still be honoured that my words have had meaning to people that need to hear this message most.

I saw a perhaps 14? year old girl (who identified as a boy), tell his friends that he was coming over to look at my book and to meet me.  His friends mocked him, but he came over anyway.  He told me that he "had never met an author before, and wanted to read my book".  He had also informed me that he did not have any money to buy the book, which to me has no relevance.  Having someone read my word and give feedback... be it good or bad, means more to me than a purchase.  And as he read it, he started bawling.   Which of course caused me to tear up.  I know for certain, for the rest of my life I will never forget that feeling or that day.  Watching my words resonate with someone that needed to hear that they are Wonderful Funderful, just the way that they are...  even reliving this moment makes me start to cry.

I wrote this story with a little person in mind that may just one day have the same journey.  It is not something that I talk about, as it is not my story, and this will be the only time that it is mentioned.  But to see someone that has walked that path, (which takes SUCH strength) and have my words mean so much to them even as a teenager.   And knowing that perhaps one day these words may help my little person, as they're dealing with their own journey...  It just means everything to me and I cannot be more thankful for this path or for being able to put a smile on someone else's face (or tears!).  

Wonderful Funderful You, has allowed me to meet so many amazing people, going thru things in life that I couldn't even imagine.  I am very grateful and blessed to witness people that are taking my book to their grandchild at Sick Kids.  When Dad's buy it at the hospital as their baby was just delivered, and then think these words are exactly what they would choosen to have conveyed to their brand new child.  When Grandparents have me sign one for every grandchild they have...  For every person I get to meet, who tells me a story of the little person they are giving my book to, or that they are just buying it to remind themselves...  And for everyone one that I have shed tears with (I never cry and now it has just become my new book signing norm!)  and who has encouraged me on this journey.. I am forever grateful and touched!

Krista Perdue